Class Rates & Informations

Our rate :1hour x 4time x 1 month. Waive registration and refundable deposit.All rate nett fee.
Once confirmed, just pay only one month lesson. If want to continue ,pay on the last lesson for the next 4 lessons. If decided to stop after 4 lessons, no obligation.
All students will have chance to perform on stage (Ark café) for experience. Students will have chance to be ARK singer or invited to do performances for activities outdoor and get paid.

  • Guitar Group: $ 180 (max of 4)
  • Guitar Buddy: $ 200
  • Guitar Individual : $ 250
  • Guitar Individual  strum and sing $280


Songs we hear are often in full arrangement, where rhythm, chords and melody line are all taken care of by various instruments. However, to play all these parts and to re-present the song on an acoustic guitar is extremely challenging. Ultimately, students would be able to reproduce songs heard over the radio, and experiment with the rearrangement of the music according to their preference and styles upon completing the course.

STAGE I: Basic (4 months)
Rhythm; Tuning; Guitar Tab; Major Scales; Chord Structures; Chord Progressions 1; Different Music Styles; Strumming and Plucking Exercises

STAGE II : Intermediate (4 months)
Syncopation; Chord Substitutions; Variation of bass lines; Hammer-on
pull-of, etc; Chord Progressions 2; Poly Chord; Inversions 1;
Rhythm enhancement – Drums concept; Rhythm, Chord & Melody line

STAGE III : Advance (8 months)
Line Clinches; Arrangement; Inversions 2; Adapted flamenco style;
Contemporary techniques; Identifying keys and chords in a song;
Analysis of classic guitar pieces playing

(Note: There will be an assessment test before each Stage)