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Our present:
Those nostalgic days were beautiful, but we have to keep up with the present. We have a stunning new opening of TheArk as it is no longer a music café.

Now, TheArk is a place where everyone treat and treasure each other as friends. A gathering spot where everyone meet to enjoy arts, music & friendship.

It's so rare to find soul mates that love music, we meet, we cherish.
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Our brand new opening

A heads up! Some new treats available below:

  • Ark Live Facebook (Including Youtube Live) 2022 – January
    大家好! 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️
     新年快乐!! 🧧🧨
    Ark Live Facebook (Including Youtube Live) 2022 - January
    8/1 (Sat)
    Ah Tian/ Fangda/ Edwina
    15/1 (Sat)
    The Puzzles (Yuxuan & Yiting)
    16/1 (Sun)
    Li Xiang/ Wei Zhong
    21/1 (Fri)
    Ah Tian/ Fangda/ Jieying
    23/1 (Sun)
    Chng/ Edwina/ Xuemin
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