The Ark 木船
For 2 decades , we have been passionately dedicated to the development of vocal and music talent in Singapore.

The beginning
It started in 1993 with a dream. A dream driven by passion and love for music. Out of this passionate love, poured out the desire to provide for and to help aspiring musicians and singers realise their dreams.
Since then, many singers and musicians have journeyed to fame and fortune from The Ark.
For those, who did not succeed to the centrestage, The Ark, has been a fulfilling niche of discovery and experience — the personal satisfaction of having had the opportunity to formally play, sing and entertain on stage. A fond memory, many cherish.
And, The Ark became a favourite entertainment spot among Singaporeans, both young and old,
The popularity of The Ark also won favour with celebrities, especially from Taiwan and Hong Kong for whom The Ark was a ‘must visit place’ when in Singapore.

Philosophy, Mission & Community bonding

The Ark is committed to aspiring singers and musicians. We support them in their journey of discovery and development. Our aim is to discover, develop and promote local talent in Singapore, the region and beyond. We work closely with schools, tertiary institutions, charities, community clubs, and other organisations with events and activities.

Ark Music cafe 木船民歌餐厅
作为新加坡第一间民歌餐厅, 木船一直都在默默努力, 坚持把好音乐带给大家. 同时, 木船歌手的创作,也受到了流行乐坛的肯定像刘德华,许茹芸,孙燕姿,张清芳,周蕙,陈洁仪, 蔡健雅都唱过他们的创作.在他们之中, 也有非常优秀 的歌手拥有属于自己的专辑¬, 像永邦,蔡淳佳等. 木船希望借助音乐的力量让更多音乐爱好者有一个让他们展现才华的空间.

The first music cafe in Singapore to provide a platform for music amateurs to showcase their talents and share their music performance on stage. Founded in 1993, The Ark is the original home of xin yao music in Singapore. It has been a training ground and launch pad for superstars like Chen Weilian, Kelly, and artist Cai Chun Jia.

Today, the tradition and culture of The Ark lives o, with live performances in our music café . We also provide singers and musicians for shows and outdoor events.