Course Structure

Our courses are structured to provide a comprehensive know-how and a strong foundation for students learning to play their favorite instrument effectively and to equip vocal students with a strong command over their vocal resources and understanding the essentials of the sound system.

Our teaching approach employs the ‘play by ear’ as well as ‘rhythm and feel’ methods rather than playing directly from music scores. It stimulates curiosity and enthusiasm.

The courses are tailored for those without prior musical background and those wishing to pursue advanced levels.

You can learn in a small group or as an individual. Groups will be limited to six students, while an individual class allows one-to-one with the teacher.

Class Rates & Information

Rate: 1 hour 4 times per month.

Waive registration and refundable deposit. All rate nett fee.
Once confirmed, just pay only one month lesson.

If you want to continue, please pay on the last lesson for the next 4 lessons.
If you have decided to stop after 4 lessons, no obligation.
All students will have a chance to perform on stage


开业29年累计丰富教学经验, 坚持做到了都会弹唱哦!

An overview of the prices

CategoryCourse FeesAdditional Remarks
Vocal Live Singing (Group)$180Max: 4pax
Vocal Live Singing (Buddy)$240
Vocal Live Singing (Individual) $280
Keyboard Play & Sing (Group) $180 Max:4Paxs
Keyboard Play & Sing (Buddy)$240
Keyboard Play & Sing (Individual )$280
Guitar Strum & Sing (group)$180Max:4pax
Guitar Strum & Sing (Buddy) $240
Guitar Strum & Sing (Individual) $280
CategoryCourse FeesAdditional Remarks
Ukulele Strum & Sing (Group)$180Max: 4pax
Ukulele Strum & Sing (Buddy)$240
Ukulele Strum & Sing (Individual) $280
我们坚信在课堂学习的基础上,同时加入 “现场表演” ,

Courses available