To present to students a comprehensive guide of the various concepts, techniques and exercises This course provides a comprehensive know-how and a strong foundation for students to be able to play commercial pop effectively. Highly sought LIVE techniques like “Playing by ear” & emotive “Rhythm & Feel” will be imparted. This unique curriculum goes beyond the conventional methods of playing directly from music scores. Focus will be on effectual methods of playing accompaniment as well as solo. Students will be taught the ways of grooving as a stage performer through the playing of an exhaustive selection of contemporary hits.

Class Rates & Information

Rate : 1 hour 4 times per month.
Waive registration and refundable deposit. All rate nett fee.
Once confirmed, just pay only one month lesson. If want to continue ,pay on the last lesson for the next 4 lessons. If decided to stop after 4 lessons, no obligation.
All students will have chance to perform on stage

  • Keyboard Play & Sing (Group, Max: 4pax): $180
  • Keyboard Play & Sing (Buddy, Max: ): $240
  • Keyboard Play &Sing (Individual) : $280

STAGE I: Basic (4 months)

  • Basic music theory
  • Keyboarding Concept
  • Keyboarding Techniques
  • Score Reading (Different Types)
  • Scale Playing
  • Introduction to tempo, dynamics and feel

STAGE II: Intermediate (4 months)

  • Intermediate Music Theory
  • Concept of triads, intervals and inversion
  • Basic Chords
  • Rhythm and Feel
  • Transposition and Modulation
  • Assessment and performance exposure

STAGE III: Advance (8 months)

  • Presentation and Analyses of songs
  • Advanced keyboard techniques
  • Chord melody concept
  • Fill-ins enhancement
  • Music/Rhythm expression
  • Chord Improvising
  • Chord Determination
  • Listening and Arrival techniques
  • Performance exposure

(Note: There will be an assessment test before each Stage)