The story of our logo:
他与他的标志——The logo King & his Logo

2009年,木船换上了全新的LOGO,象征着全新的旅程,而给予我们继续走下去的动力的人,就是为木船设计了LOGO的 “LOGO KING—施学艺”。


在此,木船向施先生致谢且致敬,与此同时也希望跟大家分享LOGO KING的故事,让他与他的标志永远长存于大家的心中……….

The year 2009, TheArk has received its fateful logo. With its change of logo, symbolizes a brand new journey. And we were empowered by a special someone to continue the journey with hope. He is “The Logo King” – Berwin See Hak Gei (施学艺), the designer of this logo.

He was gravely ill, and during his medical treatment period, he continued to design a myriad of logos. We were greatly moved by his perseverance.

Here, TheArk is grateful to Mr See for his hard work. We salute a truly great artist. And at the same time, we would like to share the story of The Logo King and his legacy. Where they will live forever in our hearts.